About Us

Transparency, integrity and adding value

Who am I

I’m Luann, an experienced entrepreneur and business advisor, specializing in helping foreigners and non-residents set up their businesses in the Netherlands.


Over the past 25 years, I have worked in many different companies, both in Asia and in Europe, and my career has taken me to businesses of various sizes, from listed plc to small start-ups.


I moved to the Netherlands 12 years ago and for the past 7 of them, I have worked as the founder of a Dutch Business Incorporation.


In my professional line of work, I have been fortunate enough to gain experience across various sectors and develop an in-depth understanding of different cultures and business fields.


My Journey

As a foreigner myself, I noticed that some countries are far more welcome to foreigners than others, making them an ideal place for expats or non-residents to set up their new business. But my experience as a foreigner has also taught me about the challenges of navigating a system you are unfamiliar with.


In my last position in the Netherlands, my job involved assisting foreign directors with setting up a Dutch B.V. and ensuring it complied with the Dutch Civil code.


Many of the challenges my clients faced stemmed from the language barrier and cultural differences and while I found many Dutch professionals extended a degree of courtesy and patience, it still made the progress far more complicated and drawn out than necessary.


I have always been passionate about helping others and I decided to combine it with my extensive experience in navigating the Dutch system.


My goal today is to help foreign directors set up a Dutch B.V. as a non-resident in the simplest, most hassle-free way.


My Business approach

It is based on the foundations of transparency, trust, and mutual respect.


I pride myself on being up-front and supporting my clients, I understand the challenges and stress of navigating foreign systems, and I am here to make the process as simple and quick as possible


Open a bank account

Due to a change in bank regulations, more and more traditional banks do not allow foreign directors to open a bank account. Of course, this can be a daunting experience if you have set up a B.V. and then find that you cannot open a bank account to start trading.


Dutch Business Incorporation was born in 2013.

After seeing many incidents surrounding setting up a B.V., Dutch Business Incorporation was created to offer a better experience and solutions for international clients.

Our promise 

We offer a one-price package of services that enables non-Dutch nationals to set up a B.V. in the Netherlands.

All our team members can speak fluent English and have many years of experience in dealing with international clients.

Saving you time and money, Dutch Business Incorporation  provides FREE  advice on setting up a Dutch bank account. 

Not all Dutch banks will help non-Dutch residents.


Our Values 

Transparency, Integrity and Adding value to the lives and businesses of our clients are the values that I am building on and they’re also reflected in our informative, useful blog.

Our blog is full of advice and practical information on setting up a B.V. and tips for running it after set-up.

100% online

Dutch Business Incorporation allows everything to be done online.

Entrepreneurs don’t need to take time out of their busy lives to travel to the Netherlands to set up their B.V., making Dutch Business Incorporation the most convenient, accessible and honest choice for expanding your business to the Netherlands.

Setting up a company aboard requires someone who you can trust. From day one, Luann demonstrated her client-oriented, transparent and trustworthy approach to any issue.