The role of local company secretary in a Dutch B.V.

So what is a Dutch Company Secretary and what is their role?

For those of you from Commonwealth countries, the title company secretary is a familiar one.

The company secretary is also known as a corporate secretary. They can be seen as a company’s internal housekeeper.

They are responsible for ensuring that statutory and regulatory requirements are complied with.

A company secretary’s role differs depending on company size. The role of a company secretary of a dutch B.V. is different to that of a listed dutch company.


However, there are general responsibilities that can be assumed:

– Support the board of director’s functions efficiently and effectively.

– Ensure that the company complies with its legal and statutory requirements.


Dutch company secretary plays an important roles to assist the dutch board of directors with fulfilling a Dutch B.V. ’s compliance issues.


The responsibility of a director under Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code and articles of incorporation (which is comparable to the Memorandum and Articles of Associations combined) still apply.


Keep your company in order with an organized, & reliable Dutch secretary

Our corporate secretarial services arm your dutch company in the Netherlands with a high-performing corporate secretary who acts as your right hand in handling executive decisions & legal obligations  so you can focus on the important areas of your business, stress-free. 

Don’t live in Holland? Hire experts who know Dutch business.

Let our professional secretaries handle all the legal nuances that come with filing corporate changes. 
  • Update your records held by the Kamer van Koophandel (the Dutch chamber of commerce) like the change of registered office, shifting company activities, appointments and resignations of directors, and appointment of proxy holders.
  • Handle liaising with auditors, tax advisers, lawyers, bankers, and shareholders on board governance issues with a high level of efficiency and professionalism.
  • Record the decisions made by the company and safeguard the minutes of general and board meetings.
  • Ensure dividends are paid in accordance with legal requirements;
  • Prepare annual accounts, and submit them to the AGM for approval and filing at the KvK within the required timeframe.
  • If your Dutch company has employees, we will handle administrative duties like ensuring that wage tax is paid to the tax authority by the set deadlines. 
  • Make sure VAT returns are submitted to the tax authority within the required time frames.
  • Maintain your company’s book and records for at least seven years.

Confused with all the information available online?

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About Luann Ip

She is the founder of Dutch Business Incorporation. Over the past 25 years, she has worked in many different companies, both in Asia and in Europe, and her career has taken her to businesses of various sizes, from listed plc to small start-ups. Her goal today is to help foreign directors set up a Dutch B.V. as a non-resident in the simplest, most hassle-free way.

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Make sure nothing gets lost in translation

Every dedicated secretary on our team is fluent in Dutch and competent in any industry jargon, complex vocabulary, and legal and contractual terms so your paperwork is done with 100% accuracy.

We carefully listen to your specific needs, preferences, and critical instructions through-and-through so everything is met to your satisfaction.

Save on hiring expensive lawyers to do your bidding

We not only take care of the entire secretarial process from start to finish, but we also ensure high-quality aftercare all for a fraction of the price you would be paying for a lawyer. 

How does it work if you need to change the company address?

Our process is simple, efficient, and thorough.

  1. We set up a call with you to take notes and collect information on the task. 
  2. Your secretary will prepare official documents required by company house.
  3. Our scrupulous industry experts will review everything and see that there are no mistakes that may need to be revisited afterward.
  4. We will send all the documents by registered mail on your behalf.
  5. Follow up after 3 days of arriving.
  6. Get an updated document after the change.

Choose your plan

Dealing with incoming posts

+ VAT per Month

Corporate changes and filing

+ VAT per corporate change
  • Appoint new director
  • Remove a director
  • Change of address

Prepare minutes and arrange AGM

+ VAT per minutes

Apply for VAT number


Filing UBO changes

  • Compliance
  • Filling UBO declaration
  • Filing documents at KVK

Tailored made services

+ VAT pre month
  • Act as local representative
  • Be your first point of contact
  • Deal with local issues

Remain compliant with Dutch Law, check out our dutch company secretary package today.

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