Dealing with incoming official correspondence of a dutch B.V.

In most cases, registered office providers or virtual office providers do not deal with official correspondence and letters of a dutch company for their clients, creating a burden for some non residents companies.

Some people think that using google translate can solve all the problem, it is imperative to note, however, that some of the terminology used in some of the letters cannot be translated into English due to its advanced nature.

The following are typical examples of what non residents companies encounter:

Example 1 - deal with the official correspondence within the deadlines

There is usually a deadline for responding to letters sent by Dutch tax authorities and chambers of commerce. 

Due to Google translator’s inability to translate the letters in an understandable manner, you delay replying to the letters and eventually forget they exist or you fail to meet the deadline. 

In the event that you miss the first deadline, a reminder will normally be sent to you. In the event that they miss the deadline again, they will be fined. 

This may result in you realizing that you must respond, but you are unsure of how to proceed or who can assist you.

Example 2 - VAT application questionnaires

A letter (in Dutch) regarding the VAT application will be sent to the new BV approximately two weeks after the Dutch company has been incorporated. 

The letter includes questions (8 pages) about VAT application and it is imperative that the BV responds and submits the necessary attachments by post before the deadline. 

Failure to respond may delay the process of obtaining the VAT number and, therefore, your ability to begin trading.

Due to time constraints, it is necessary to prepare the following

  • The content of your response.
  • To collect the attachments that have been requested
  • The application must be sent by mail before the deadline

The Dutch company should have this covered immediately after incorporation.

Example 3 - prepare official letter regarding VAT refund

You may be entitled to a VAT refund from the tax authorities in certain circumstances. When a business is entitled to a tax refund, a notification for a tax refund will be sent to the business by the tax authority

You must submit proof and a reply to the tax authority by post with the details of your business bank account number. The VAT refund will be transferred directly to your bank account number once the tax authority has received your BV business account number. 

Many non residents companies companies without a local service provider face challenges in sending their documents by post on their behalf and ensuring they are received in a timely manner.

Example 4 - comply with the new law

The Amended Act on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (Dutch AML Act) was entered into effect on 25 July 2018.

Many types of Dutch companies whose UBO registration was compulsory.

For a Dutch BV formed before September 27, 2020, the director or owner of the legal entity must identify the UBO(s) within the organization. 

A UBO declaration letter was sent by the dutch chamber of commerce to all the dutch companies  to comply with the new law  before 27 March 2022. 

Some companies did not know whether this new law apply to them or not.

Some know this new law applies to them, but do not know how to comply and what must be done. 

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Among our services is the prompt handling of letters and the prompt response to them.  

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