Making changes at KVK (the Netherlands chamber of commerce) in the Netherlands

Do you know that it is the director’s responsibility to ensure that the Dutch companies maintain in good standing?

One of the elements of  maintaining a dutch company in good standing is as follow:

For example that all the changes made in the company, eg change of director, change of address, change of company trade name must be updated at the KVK.

If you come from a commonwealth countries (like the UK), you may have heard of a job title called company secretary.

Normally it is the job of the company secretary who helps the director to ensure that the company is in good standing.

if you are interested in finding out the roles of a company secretary in a dutch company, this post may provide you some insight. 

In the Netherland, there is no such title as a company secretary.

Therefore the director(s)  will have to ensure that any changes made in the Dutch company will be notified at KVK.

Normally, a director or an authorised signatory will request this job to be completed by a local lawyer, an accountant or a service provider who charges you a fixed fee or hourly rate basis for this job.  

However, if you don’t want to pay the fee (sometimes is a high fee) for such a small job, you have come to the right place.

Step by step procedure

Updating the records at KVK could not be simpler, you just need to know your way round and within minutes, you are ready to submit the changes. 

You can submit the form via electronically, but this option is only for the Dutch residents.

If you are not based in the Netherlands, you will then need to print out the form (you can download this form at KVK website).

You fill in the form and ask a director or the authorized signatories to sign the form.

Send this signed form together with a copy of the director passport copy and other requested proof of evidence depends on what needs to be changed.

Once KVK has received the form, they will progress the form within the next couple of working days.

If everything is correct and all the documents are included, they will update the KVK records and send you the confirmation of the changes.  

However, if there is something missing or the form is filled in incorrectly,

then they will return the document and ask you to provide more information or to change whatever is necessary.

Need help?

Having said that how easy it is to do, I understand that it can be a bit daunting for some people to file an official paper in Dutch at the KVK.

If this is the case for you,  we can review the document for you and take your worries away.

If necessary, if you are not based in the Netherlands, we can also file the document to KVK for you. 

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