3 Reasons Why Having an EORI for Your Dutch B.V. is So Important

If you’ve taken on the exciting task of starting a company in the Netherlands, or if you’re considering doing so, obtain an EORI number will benefit you greatly. This is a particularly important step if you’re doing import and export business in the Netherlands.

What are EORI numbers in the Netherlands?

The abbreviation of EORI represents Economic Operators Registration and Identification. It’s an individual code that every economic operator in the Netherlands and throughout the European Union should have.


The EORI is akin to a company’s unique stamp.


For Dutch business owners, it is an individual code assigned by the Customs Administration of the Netherlands to a Dutch entity.


This unique number is valid in all European member states, because your Dutch company EORI number would be entered into a database of the European Commission.


The purpose of an EORI Number is for Customs in all EU member states to identify a trader — in this case, a Dutch company.

What are the benefits of having an EORI number?

There are many reasons why EORI numbers in the Netherlands can benefit you and your business:


1. If your Dutch B.V. is doing international business, such as importing and exporting to countries outside the EU or trading inside the EU, it is actually mandatory that you have applied for an EORI number.


2. Applying for an EORI number for your Dutch company will make your import and export business much easier. If you are doing import or export business within the Netherlands, having an EORI will expedite the entire process, as goods will pass through customs more swiftly.

3. Having an EORI number will help you to deal with Customs declarations in foreign countries. The process will be much faster and easier. Your aim is to get your goods to the final destination and pass through Customs more swiftly, right?


Imagine, if your goods are supposed to arrive from Asia to your warehouse in the Netherlands, and your forwarding company found out that your Dutch B.V. has no EORI number, it would cause a delay in Customs clearance, which I am sure no one wants to face.


There are no drawbacks and so many advantages to applying for an EORI number.

If this is so important, how do I apply for an EORI number in the Netherlands?

If you have a Dutch B.V. and you are doing a Customs declaration in the Netherlands, you do not need to apply for an EORI number separately. This is because all Dutch legal entities, such as a Dutch B.V, have a KVK number and an RSIN number, and the composition of an EORI number can be found in the RSIN number. This number is shown on the Dutch company’s KVK extracts. If you dont know how to download an extract from KVK, Click here to request a guide – How to download an extracts from KVK.


However, if you are doing a Customs declaration outside the Netherlands, it is important that you apply for an EORI number before you a Customs declaration id made in a foreign country. A good example would be as follows: After Brexit, the UK is no longer a part of the EU. If your company does export business to the UK, you may need to apply for a EORI number to continue the business without causing tremendous problems with meeting deadlines, selling your product, or maintaining business relationships.


There are two ways you can apply for an EORI number in the Netherlands:

1. You can apply by yourself from the website of the Dutch tax authority. Click here for more information.

2. Alternatively, if you are worried that applying for an EORI will be confusing and time-consuming, we have simplified this process for you.


There’s no need to deal with the stress of understanding the application or wait for months. For the minimal fee of €250 + VAT (all costs included), we will assist you in obtaining an EORI number.


By utilizing our EORI application service, the process becomes simple, fast, and reliable. Instead of worrying about how to apply for the number, you can focus on running your business, and let us take that stress off your hands. If you reach out to us now to start the process, you can have your EORI number in just two weeks.

We’re happy to answer your questions and assist you in obtaining an EORI number.

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