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Company formation in Netherlands

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Simple B.V.

Extra for non-residents

*this simple B.V.  fee excludes VAT. The fee applies only for a B.V. incorporation of one director and one shareholder as an individual. If a shareholder or a director of a BV is an entity,  there will be extra compliance costs  because we required more documents in order to carry out a different compliance procedure.
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We leverage over 15 years of experience serving international players across different industries.

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We specialize in practical, custom-tailored, expert advice based on your industry and scope of business. No universal one-size-fits-all approach: we take your needs and situation into account.

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Our international background and in-depth understanding of cultural differences help us make communication simpler, clearer and more effective.

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If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied: it’s as simple as that. If you’re not happy with our service, we will gladly offer you a refund to show our commitment to your success

Serving non-resident for company formation in Netherlands is our core business and also what we are good at

See what our previous clients have said about us!
George Li
George Li
Luann's service is professional and trustworthy Netherlands is a great place to do business but not very easy to start. I am so lucky to have Luann register my B.V. and offer me step by step guide to go thorough the whole procedure including make appointment with Bank to set up business account. I also get benefit from her by find local professional realtor agent to help us settle down to open the business. She always response my email the same day and she even remind me on the regular base I guess my tasks must on her calendar. I am a very happy customer and I hope my review can help more people to reach out to her.
Christopher Hooks
Christopher Hooks
The Dutch business environment is messy, complicated and can feel unwelcoming to startups and new ideas. I have spoken to a few ex-pat business owners who feel the same way. The accountants and people at the KVK who I spoke to before Luann gave me mixed messages. The ex-pat centre didn't reply, and start-up Amsterdam has changed email addresses. So when Luann responded the same day, and we had a call the next day, it was refreshing. As an ex-pat herself, she understood my confusion at the dutch system. Her advice was the most helpful so far and clarified what my next steps are.
Nick Deane
Nick Deane
I highly recommend Luann & the SME Solutions team if you need a subsidiary setting up in the Netherlands and / or Company Secretary functions. Fair rates and excellent service.
Andrei Zhurauski
Andrei Zhurauski
Setting up a company abroad requires someone who you can trust. From day 1 Luann demonstrated her client-oriented, transparent and trustworthy approach to any issue. Luann helped us to establish a company in the Netherlands and supported on every stage after. She also handled our company to be recognized as a sponsor for an IND in order to employ staff from abroad. Highly recommended.
Veronika Gizminkova
Veronika Gizminkova
Luann helped me very much! I would definitely recommend her services.
Vik Bar
Vik Bar
Luann helped me very much! I would definetly recommend smesution.nl

Practical knowledge

About Us

As a foreigner myself, I noticed that some countries are far more welcome to foreigners than others, making them an ideal place for expats or non-residents to set up their new business.


But my experience as a foreigner has also taught me about the challenges of navigating a system you are unfamiliar with.


In my last position in the Netherlands, my job involved assisting foreign directors with setting up a Dutch B.V. and ensuring it complied with the Dutch Civil code. Many of the challenges my clients faced stemmed from the language barrier and cultural differences and while I found many Dutch professionals extended a degree of courtesy and patience, it still made the progress far more complicated and drawn out than necessary.


I have always been passionate about helping others and I decided to combine it with my extensive experience in navigating the Dutch system.


My goal today is to help foreign directors set up a Dutch B.V. as a non-resident in the simplest, most hassle-free way.

Help foreigners set up their Dutch company