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Register a dutch company for the UK companies

If you are based in UK, this post explains how to register a dutch company for UK companies. 

What corporate documents required from the UK shareholders, the procedure, dutch address, how long does it take to complete the registration at KVK (Netherlands chamber of commerce) and many more. 

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I am not a Dutch resident, can I set up a Dutch B.V. in the Netherlands? 

If you are a non-resident, there is a non-resident package which specially designed for non-residents. 

Do I need to appoint a Dutch director to open a bank account?

No, A non-resident person can also open a business virtual bank account. 

What are the basic legal requirements to form a Dutch company in the Netherlands ?

A registered office which must be a Dutch address, not a PO box. We need a copy of the rental contract from the address service provider in order to register a Dutch company at KVK, the dutch chamber of commerce.


At least 1 director and 1 shareholder (who can be the same person).


As a non-resident, can I open a bank account with one of the traditional banks?

The compliance rules have been changed since 2 years, it is no longer possible to open a business bank account with one of the  traditional banks, Eg ING, Rabobank, ABN Amro. 


We offer different solutions for our non-residents director, please contact us for a 30 minutes free consultation. 

How long does it take to set up a Dutch B.V.?

Provided we collect all the required documents, we can set up a Dutch B.V. in 3 days. 

Do I need a dutch address to set up a B.V.?

Yes, you do need a dutch address.  Most non-resident owners uses virtual office providers in the Netherlands.

Is there a minimum share capital to set up a Dutch B.V.?

No, Dutch B.V. company formation starts with a share’s capital of €1

Do you need to keep a register of the director for our Dutch B.V?

No, it is not necessary. 

Can I be a freelancer in the Netherlands

Yes, provided you are an EU citizen and you do not require a work permit to work in the Netherlands.


Can I open a one-man company in the Netherlands?

Yes, a non-resident can be the sole director and shareholder of a Dutch B.V.

If there is no trading after incorporation, do I still need to file a VAT return?

Provided you have applied for a VAT number and the tax authority has approved your VAT number, even though there is no transaction, you still need to file a VAT return on time. 


You will need to find a bookkeeper in the Netherlands to file zero VAT return on your behalf and before the timeframe. 


If you are in Q1 (1 January to 31 January), the deadline of filing the Q1 VAT return will be 30 April.




How do I apply for a dutch VAT number?

Around two weeks after the Dutch company has been incorporated, the tax authority will send a letter and questionnaire to the new B.V. requesting information about the business. 


Based on the answers of this questionnaire, the tax authority will decide whether you are eligible for a dutch VAT number.


Our dealing with correspondence package includes this service.



What documents do I need to set up a Dutch B.V.?

If you are not a dutch resident, we need the following documents to proceed with setting up a B.V.

1. notarised passport copy and passport copy in apostille 

2. proof of address

3. the details of the new B.V.

4. the scope of business of the new B.V.



I have heard that it is not easy to open a bank account, is it a case also in holland?

Not all Dutch banks accept non-resident directors who live outside Holland.


Because of our experience,  we develop our knowledge base which increase the chance of successfully opening a bank account. 



What are the tax filing requirement for a Dutch B.V.?

A Dutch B.V. is required to prepare annual accounts, organize an AGM to approve the annual accounts.


Submit and file the annual accounts at the KVK six month after the year-end.


Prepare and file a VAT return at the Belastingdienst (the dutch tax authority)


Prepare and file an ICP return if the BV is trading with EU members states.


Prepare and file a corporate income tax return five months after the year-end


If the Dutch B.V. has employees, it is required to file the wage tax and prepare the monthly payslip.

How can I appoint and replace a current dutch director?

As a non-resident director, the rules of filing any corporate changes at KVK are different compared to the residents. 


There are more steps to follow, but it is not impossible.  You may want to engage someone local to do the filing or you can send the form and the relevant documents from aboard of course. 


The procedure is as follows:

Download a relevant form from the KVK website.

Fill in the relevant information as required.


Attached original legalisation copy of the passport copy in question. 


Send the form and attachment to KVK by post.

After the registration, we received a lot of documents in Dutch, can I request them in English?

No, all the dutch official letters  (for example those are sent from the dutch chamber of commerce, the tax authority dealing with VAT, Corporate income tax return and wage tax are all written in Dutch. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to request in English version. 

We have a dealing with incoming correspondence for non-residents directors to make their lives easier and stress free. 

What document do I receive after a dutch company is registered at KVK?

You will receive the below documents:


1. an original deed of incorporation executed by a dutch notary


2.a copy of an extract issues by the dutch chamber of commerce, “KVK”


3.A shareholder register which lists the information of the shareholders and whether there are any shares of the company being pledged.


Serving non-residents for Netherlands company incorporation is our core business and also what we are good at

See what our previous clients have said about us!
George Li
George Li
Luann's service is professional and trustworthy Netherlands is a great place to do business but not very easy to start. I am so lucky to have Luann register my B.V. and offer me step by step guide to go thorough the whole procedure including make appointment with Bank to set up business account. I also get benefit from her by find local professional realtor agent to help us settle down to open the business. She always response my email the same day and she even remind me on the regular base I guess my tasks must on her calendar. I am a very happy customer and I hope my review can help more people to reach out to her.
Christopher Hooks
Christopher Hooks
The Dutch business environment is messy, complicated and can feel unwelcoming to startups and new ideas. I have spoken to a few ex-pat business owners who feel the same way. The accountants and people at the KVK who I spoke to before Luann gave me mixed messages. The ex-pat centre didn't reply, and start-up Amsterdam has changed email addresses. So when Luann responded the same day, and we had a call the next day, it was refreshing. As an ex-pat herself, she understood my confusion at the dutch system. Her advice was the most helpful so far and clarified what my next steps are.
Nick Deane
Nick Deane
I highly recommend Luann & the SME Solutions team if you need a subsidiary setting up in the Netherlands and / or Company Secretary functions. Fair rates and excellent service.
Andrei Zhurauski
Andrei Zhurauski
Setting up a company abroad requires someone who you can trust. From day 1 Luann demonstrated her client-oriented, transparent and trustworthy approach to any issue. Luann helped us to establish a company in the Netherlands and supported on every stage after. She also handled our company to be recognized as a sponsor for an IND in order to employ staff from abroad. Highly recommended.
Veronika Gizminkova
Veronika Gizminkova
Luann helped me very much! I would definitely recommend her services.
Vik Bar
Vik Bar
Luann helped me very much! I would definetly recommend smesution.nl

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