Why search for information about a company in the Netherlands?

Netherlands company register

If you are going to do business with a dutch company, you will want to do your research  before signing a contract with this company. 

We offer assistance in obtaining various official records that Dutch companies are required to file with the Netherlands Company Register

If you want to know more about this company, you may want to consider ordering the latest extract concerning the company you are interested in doing business with.

Below I explain what a KVK extract is and why you need a copy.

What information is included in KVK extract?

A KVK extract is like a company certificate of incorporation but with extra information about a Dutch company. You can find the below information:

  1. Tax number;
  2. Company registration number;
  3. Company adress;
  4. The scope of business;
  5. The name of the director and his/her title;
  6. The authorised signatory and does this director can soly or jointly represent the company;
  7. The name of supervisory director (if any);
  8. The name of sole shareholder

The extract comes in three forms: Dutch version, English version and certified copy of the Dutch and English version.

What is the value of getting a copy of the KVK extract?

1. Avoiding being a victim of fraud

Many companies offer their services and products via their websites.

Some are Dutch companies, but some are foreign companies appearing to be Dutch companies.

How do you know they are not fake?

How do you know they are a Dutch company?

How can you find out whether their claims are true?

Imagine! How costly would it be if you found out after making a payment for a service or product to a company that it never existed?

2. Establish a contractual relationship with a Dutch client or supplier correctly

Before entering into a contract with a third party, it is essential to check whether the person you are dealing with has the authority to represent their company.

For example, is this person a director or a proxy holder? If he or she is a proxy holder, is there limited power imposed upon him/her?

It could be a costly mistake if you later found out that this person has no authority, or limited authority, to represent his/her company. The agreement could thus be voidable.

3. Open a bank account for your Dutch company

When you need to open a bank account for your Dutch company, the latest extract is one of the documents which all banks ask for. This document is proof that your Dutch company is registered at KVK.

4. Company and correspondence address

If your Dutch company is already incorporated and you want to change to a new address, your new service providers will need to have a copy of the latest extract to enter into the contract with you.

5. Fulfil Amazon’s yearly compliance check

If you sell at Amazon UK, Amazon Germany or other EU Amazon, this is the document that Amazon requires to prove that your Dutch company is registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce; an extract is like a certificate of incorporation but with extra information.

Download a copy of the KVK extract in Dutch or English to ensure your diligence is covered.

Do I need a certified copy of a KVK extract?

Some countries require an original certified extract copy from KVK. This guarantees that the extract is issued from the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK)

If this is what you need,  contact us to order a  certified copy. 

I want to enter into a partnership with a Dutch company. How can I check if a company is financially sound?

You can conduct your research by ordering its company financial accounts.

This report includes a maximum of three previous years’ financial reports (if applicable); this information provides you with a picture of the financial situation of a business.

You are interested in acquiring a company and would like to know its history. What information is available at the Chamber of Commerce?

You can download the company’s history of changes, or for a more comprehensive report, you can order a company profile that provides a complete view of the current and past history of the company.

I am a minority shareholder in a Dutch company. How do I know my shareholder’s rights are being observed?

The deed of incorporation/the articles set out the requirements for convening and holding shareholders meetings.

If the procedure is not followed in accordance with the articles; for example, a shareholder was not given the opportunity to cast his/her vote.

If the entire issued capital is not represented, the resolutions cannot be legally valid and therefore cannot be passed.

Generally, the board of directors of a Dutch company requires approval from the shareholder for the below decisions:

1. The appointment, suspension and removal of a director
2. The issue of shares, unless the articles state otherwise
3. The amendment of the articles
4. The adoption of annual accounts
5. To put the company into liquidation

In addition to the above, the deed of incorporation/articles may specifically provide that certain decisions require the prior approval of the shareholders.

Obtaining a deed of incorporation is useful to see whether your rights as a shareholder are respected.