Why do you need a company address in the Netherlands?

When you open a subsidiary in the Netherlands, this is one of the requirements from the Dutch notary to register your Dutch company office address at the chamber of commerce netherlands.

All the dutch official letters will be sent to this dutch office address such as letters sent from KVK Netherlands, the tax authority or the city council.  

There are mainly two types of company addresses in the Netherlands which a non-resident director can consider to use:

1. Virtual office

2. physical address 

Virtual office

Their services normally include an dutch address which you can use to register your dutch company at Netherlands chamber of commerce “KVK”.

You would be on top of what is going on because the service provider would open, scan your incoming posts and then emailed to the designed email address of your choice.

This is particularly useful for non-residents directors and their team, especially if you don’t have employees in the Netherlands at the begining. 

The advantages of virtual office

1. Reduced fixed cost. This maximizes capital from employing office personnel to help you with opening, scanning these incoming correspondence  via email.

2. If necessary, you can own a local Dutch number (020) and use call forwarding services aside from the mail service.  – Optional with extra costs

3. Reduces incompetence: This helps to prevent delays in dealing with the letters for example for the dutch tax authority which normally have a deadline to reply

Disadvantages of a virtual office

1. You don’t have a physical address for your company. You have limited access to the building; if you need a meeting room to meet your client, you may need to pay extra for renting the space.

2. Inability to respond to those mails received through writing, which isn’t done online, and all letters are in Dutch.

3. No efficient response system to mail: the service of a virtual office does not include responding to the letters, which give extra workload to the directors of the dutch company

4. Non-resident barrier: If you are a non-resident, you may not know how to deal with the letters and respond to them. Sometimes you need to make a payment, but if you are not familiar with the payment system, you may not know how to do it

5. Delayed response attracts a fine: Sometimes, the letter needs a written reply; normally, this has a timeframe to reply; if you can’t read Dutch, you may miss the deadline and get a fine.

6. Short-term storage of records: They cannot store your letters for more than 1 to 3 months.

Fixed or physical office

The advantages of a fixed office

1.  you can use their address to register your dutch company at KVK.

2. You  have access to the building and work there.

3. Adequate storage of records: Normally, you get a desk to store your documents.

The disadvantages of a fixed office

1. The cost is high; it starts at €350 + VAT per month. 

They don’t open your mail for you; you need to pick it up yourself. 

This is normally not an option for non-resident directors because they operate their Dutch company from abroad

Our solutions for non-resident directors

Company address and deals with incoming correspondence and packages

We have an optimal solution for our non-resident entrepreneurs. 

We partner with a company address provider to solve this problem for you, helping your brand grow with minimum costs but maximum benefits.

Confused with all the information available online?

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All in one package - ONLY €2,340 + VAT

Include one year dutch virtual office and handle day to day correspondence

What includes in this package?

1. a virtual dutch address (provided by another service provider) for registering your dutch company 

2. Scanning to designate an email address

3. Deal with the incoming letters in a timely manner.

4. respond to tax authority by writing within the timeframe

5. send letters to tax authorities by track and trace post to ensure safe arrival

6. follow up every letters sent

7. arrange for tax refund to the designated bank account 

Who would benefit for this package ?

1. Those who want to set up a dutch company in the Netherlands

2. Those who has a limit budget and want to minimise the costs 

3. Those who do not want to be bothered with dealing with incoming letters in dutch. 

4. Those who may be afraid of not being able to keep track of the deadline of responding the tax authority letters.