Open a company in Netherlands

How to open a company in Netherlands and how does it work?

To get started with opening a dutch limited liabilities company, you will need to prepare certain paperwork.

To proceed with the process, you will need to present proof of identity, proof of address (required for both your director(s) and shareholder(s) of the dutch company.), and an address in the Netherlands.

The shareholder and  the director of the new dutch company needs to be verified and the due diligence collected.

You will also need a public notary who can draft the Deed of Incorporation, a document similar to an Articles of Association that needs to be in Dutch.

The document will contain information regarding your business activities, the company’s shareholders, the director’s responsibility, registered address, share capital, and your management boards. 

It is also necessary to submit your notarized documents in order for the notary to execute the Deed of Incorporation, register the new dutch company with chamber of commerce Netherlands. 

How to open a dutch company as a non-resident?

While the process of setting up a Dutch company has been simplified in recent years.

Opening a company in Holland is still a challenge for non-residents or people who prefer not to travel to Holland.

Fortunately, we have a simple solution. 

Our company formation package has been designed specifically for non-Dutch residents and international clients looking to set up a Dutch company.

The package simplifies the procedure, ensuring you can finalize the company formation process from the comfort of your own home and eliminates the need to travel to the Netherlands.

With this package, you can act as the director of your own company and set up your Dutch B.V. from any point around the globe without the need for a Dutch partner to open your business.

Upon receiving all documents, the process ONLY takes up to 3 days.

The process of company formation in the Netherlands can be tricky, especially since most of the relevant information is available in Dutch only which causes a lot of people to miss important fees or costs.

With our package, you only pay a fixed fee, and you remain in control of the entire process, start-from-finish.  

Pricing starts from €1,800 to set up a dutch limited company.

Additional features exclusively for international clients

For our international clients, we offer additional services specifically designed for non-local non-residents.

As part of our international company formation in the Netherlands package, we will look for and arrange a Dutch address for you at no extra charge (essential if you’d like to register your B.V. in the Netherlands).

This address will be used to receive any official letters sent from the chamber of commerce Netherlands or the tax authority for example. 

FREE advice

We also provide FREE advice on choosing virtual banks in the Netherlands. 

Why is it so special?  It is because not all virtual banks accept non-residents director and rates and benefits might vary across providers. 

To save you time and money, we will help you navigate the Dutch system, providing tailored recommendations on the best virtual banks to use for your Dutch company.


Additionally, we will provide continuous aftercare service.

We understand that navigating the Dutch system as a non-resident can be challenging.

Having a trusted partner can minimize the stress as well as save you the costs associated with having to travel to the Netherlands.

Our international company formation in the Netherlands package doesn’t stop after the incorporation of your Dutch company.

We will remain available after that and happy to answer any questions or solve any issues you might have.

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Register a VAT number

Once the notary has registered your  company with the Chamber of Commerce, you will then be able to apply for a Dutch VAT number. 

The rules of applying for a dutch VAT number has been changed for the non-dutch residents.   Contact us for more information.

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